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in Bridport | Wolfedale Golf Course Recommends these Warm Ups

Although many say that golf is not a physically demanding sport, serious players beg to differ. The strains on the body can accumulate over time, making it important to look after yourself to keep your game consistent and your body healthy. Here at Wolfedale Golf Course, our resident Pro, Nic Davies, recommends that players utilise the following warm ups before embarking on a round.

Nic also offers individual and group golf lessons, so call him up on 07546 064507 to book a slot. A thriving community hub, we stock golfing equipment and offer flexible golf memberships for adults, juniors and seniors.

Whether you are a pay and play golfer in the Bridport area or a fully-fledged member, these warm ups can help avoid injuries, keeping you playing better for longer. Read on to learn more.

Toe Touches

Holding your club above your head with both hands, lean back slightly and fully stretch out, extending your spine upwards and standing tall. Then, lean forward to touch your toes, or as close as you can get. It is important to keep your back straight, using your hips as a hinge. Do not round your back or bend your knees, as the stretch will be less effective. Repeat ten reps for a solid stretch.

If you would like to receive one-on-one training to keep you limber and improve your technique, our golf lessons are the way to go. With our golf memberships, you can also access the bar and receive discounts on select golfing equipment. Pay and play golf is a convenient option for those who want to trial our golf course before investing in a membership.


A classic exercise that strengthens your knees and ankles, we add a golf-themed twist by holding your club above your head with both hands. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, making sure to remain tall with a straight back. Keep your arms extended while you slowly lower your hips into a seating position. Return to standing and repeat ten times for best results.

Speed Swings

Once you have completed the two aforementioned exercises, move on to the speed swings. Simply assume your usual stance and swing ten times, as fast as you can. Start with the right, then swap your grip and swing to the left. This will increase your heartbeat and get you ready for your round.

For more tips and personalised advice, book one of our golf lessons. Here at Wolfedale Golf Course, we welcome pay and play golfers of all abilities, and provide affordable golf memberships. For golfing equipment and much more, visit our course near Bridport.

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