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in Dorchester | Three Essential Clubs for Your Short Game

Interested in playing golf? Want to learn more about the basics of the sport? Based near Dorchester, Wolfedale Golf Course is here to help with golf lessons, pay and play golf options, flexible golf memberships and much more. On this page, we will be exploring three essential clubs for your short game. The short game refers to shots that are generally much shorter than your initial drive from the tee, and whose primary purpose is to get your ball out of hazards, onto the green and into the hole.

The three pieces of golfing equipment that we will be outlining on this page include:

  • The Pitching Wedge

  • The Sand Wedge

  • The Putter

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The Pitching Wedge

This club is a vital addition to any golfer’s repertoire. A wide angled club that is ideal for chipping onto the green, this club is versatile and reliable. You can use it for escaping from the rough or for a handy bump and run shot. We recommend keeping your feet close together with a significant bend in the knee when chipping, ensuring a high trajectory with minimal forwards momentum once the ball has landed.

At Wolfedale Golf Course, we offer both pay and play golf options as well as different golf memberships for adults, seniors and juniors. Our shop hosts a range of golfing equipment, and Nic Davies, our Pro, offers affordable golf lessons. 

The Sand Wedge

Stuck in a bunker? A sand wedge is always your friend. With even more loft than the pitching wedge, this club glides through the sand, popping the ball up for an easy exit from the sand trap.

All golfers should have a sand wedge, so head to our shop if you are lacking this essential tool. As a courtesy to other players, please remember to carefully rake the bunker once you have moved on. This ensures other players’ balls aren’t stuck in your divots or footprints!

The Putter

This unique club needs no introduction. A one of kind piece of golfing equipment, the putter offers a level of precision that all other clubs lack. The putter is used to tap the ball across the green, with as few strokes as possible, before landing in the hole.

Here at Wolfedale Golf Course, we sell quality putters in our shop, and offer group golf lessons in putting. Whether you are interested in pay and play golf, or one of our golf memberships, we are the smart choice for players in the wider Dorchester area.

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